Silvija Winterfeldt

Based on her 20 years’ experience in the area of permanent makeup and 10 years’ experience in the area of microblading, working in Belgrade, Vienna, Geneva and Dubai, the founder and educator Silvija Winterfeld decided to found Academy SW. Her basic goal is to transfer knowledge to all those who wish to start their own business, as well as to those who wish to improve their existing business in the area of beauty.

The Academy education programmes offer courses of microblading (Japanese eyebrow drawing)-basic, as well as advanced (which includes shading, bold and powder eyebrows’ techniques), and courses of permanent makeup and eyelash extensions.

Upon finishing one of the courses, each student gets a 6-months’ support from the educator, and is provided with the working kit or tools and materials for practicing, included in the course price.

The techniques have changed and new methods have improved and emerged over the course of years. Join us to keep up with the latest techniques and methods!

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Rely upon our experience and start new or expand the existing business, embark with us on a journey to the world of beauty!